Sychelles.. on the wire..

Searching for S/S 07 Marni Platform shoes on Ebay has been really tough especially because when they rarely appear in some listings they are never of my size (IT38).. However just when I decided to give up searching for them, I ended up falling in love with Sychelles' On The Wire Green Suede platform, which in a way resemble Marni's platform style!!

Seychelles Footwear is a Los Angeles-based shoe company "for the girl trailblazing her way through life". They search through high and low for inspiration, taking cues from old Hollywood glamour and the streets of Silverlake, to runways and city avenues beyond convention. They try to deliver a mix of new ideas taken from un-ordinary places to help girls emphasis their individual styles.
During Christmas holidays I am going to be in the USA so I hope I can get a pair of these edgy platforms!!

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