Krispy Surprise

This morning I woke up, went to the kitchen for breakfast, as usual, and a curious box of Krispy Kreme was on the table. So I decided to give it a try, and for the first time I tasted the infamous Original Glaze doughnut! It was pretty delicious, I wished I had some coffee to pair it with, but milk tea worked pretty well too. I like morning surprises, they make you see the day under a different perspective, a light of un-expectations! I am ready to be pleasantly surprised again and again...

Maurizio Pecoraro

Loving it!

Trussardi 1911

Milan Vukmirovic debuted his first women's collection for Trussardi 1911 at the brand's newly opened Piazza della Scala concept store on the 27th September. All these looks echoes Givenchy and Balmain's recent collections to me. The edgy rock 'n' roll sensibility that the fashion world is vibing on at present is kind of getting monotonous, don't you think?


Back in 1982

..[Andy Warhol calls from New York.]



WARHOL: Gosh, this is exciting. You know, every time I use my Walkman I play your cassette on it . . . How have you been?

JACKSON: I’ve been in the studio a lot, writing lyrics and working on songs and stuff.

WARHOL: I might go see an English rock group at the Ritz tonight called Duran Duran. Do you know them?


WARHOL: I went to see Blondie at the Meadowlands last week.

JACKSON: How was Blondie?

WARHOL: She was great. She’s so terrific. Do you know her?

JACKSON: No, I never met her.

WARHOL: Well, when you come to New York I’ll introduce her. Going on tour is about the hardest thing to do in the world.

JACKSON: Tour is something—the pacing. But being onstage is the most magic thing about it . . .

WARHOL: Did you ever think you’d grow up to be a singer?

JACKSON: I don’t ever remember not singing, so I never dreamed of singing.

WARHOL: Do you go out a lot or stay home?

JACKSON: I stay home.

WARHOL: Why do you stay home? There’s so much fun out. When you come to New York we’ll take you out.

JACKSON: The only time I want to go out is when I’m in New York.

WARHOL: Do you go to the movies?

JACKSON: Oh, yes. We’re going to be working on the E.T. album. I had a picture session with E.T. and it was so wonderful . . . He’s hugging me and everything.

WARHOL: I like Tron. It’s like playing the video games. Have you seen it?

JACKSON: Yes. It didn’t move me.

WARHOL: Well, thanks a lot. See you soon.

JACKSON: I hope so . . .

1982 Interview Magazine.

Week End

Baseball game: Nagoya Dragons vs. Osaka Tigers.
Starting up new memories... letting the past go, enjoy what is happening now, looking forward to what will come up next without having the pressure of having to go too fast... This is what my week end has been about.

p.s. Go Tigers!



Prada.. not sure yet if I enjoy this collection or not quite yet, but the natural make up paired up with shiny coral red lipstick is so simply chic.

I like the usage of transparent plastic for the shoe, to create a trompe l'oeil effect, however, considereing how much my feet sweat in the summer, I would never be able to wear them as any other pair of shoes made out of plastic.



Today I went with two of my classmates to this store in Nagoya where they make traditional Japanese combs. Apparently it's the only store in Aichi-ken and it also where all the sumo wrestles buy their combs from. Before today, I had never realized how many kinds of combs there are and they all have different functions. In the end we carve our own little combs and sew their cases.. While hand sewing mine, I accidentally poke my finger with the needle and spilled some blood on the lining of the case.. I signed it with blood so that it will always be mine.


Pois Pois Pois!

I have always wanted be living in Yayoi Kusama's polka dots' world..

"One day I was looking at the red [...] patterns of the tablecloth on a table, and when I looked up I saw the same pattern covering the ceiling, the windows and the walls, and finally all over the room, my body and the universe. " Yayoi Kusama said about her 1954 painting titled Flower.

I guess I can start by wearing them all over me like Phoebe Philo presented in her S/S 10 Luella Bartely collection.

Richard Lamb

Wish I was in London on the 24th for the private view of Richard Lamb's project shop, a collaboration of Apartamento Magazine and Max Lamb.. Anyway I am just going to have to wait for the 28th October when Apartamento issue #4 will be launch in Tokyo! When yesterday I was reading and helping organizing the final menu for the launch in Tokyo it made me realize that this is finally happening and I am going to be part of it!!



Last night at Nagashima Supaland I realized how much I like fireworks, the sparkles, the surprise effects, like shimmering falling stars. I was looking up at the sky, with this genuine smile on my face, these spectacular explosions on a starry night were simply magical.



Before coming back to Japan, I went shopping in Milan with Mom Lella and at Max Mara they had these amazing buttoned-up shirt with huge, puffy, wide sleeves.. simply stunning! I am getting more and more interested in sleeves, these S/S 10's Oscar de la Renta are so inspiring! Not to talk about the color palette which summarizes chicness and modernity in effortless glamorous assembles.


Marc, oh Marc

New, fresh, frilly, layered Marc Jacobs.

Carolina Herrera

I was pleasantly surprised to look through Carolina Herrera's S/S '10 collection and see the expected sophistication but with a fresher, younger flair to it.



(Alexander Wang S/S 10)

(Diane Von Fustenberg S/S 10)

I am thrilled by seeing still leopard making appearances on S/S 10 New York collections.


Scary and Pretty

Sunday morning, just got home after an intense night out, checking out New York S/S '10 collections, I am feeling Cynthya Rowley's idea of something that's both scary and pretty. Hopefully today after coming back from Shizuoka I will be able to let my creativity flow and dedicate some time to sewing.