Golden Inspiration

Although Bea Arthur has passed away, she continues to inspire Alexander Wang.

Alexander Wang to W Magazine:
"....the bags are named after TV show characters. We have the Brenda and Kelly [90210], the Dorothy shopper [The Golden Girls] and the Trudy [Miami Vice]. They’re all the shows that used to be on TV when I was growing up.

Dorothy Shopper by Alexander Wang
[As I recently posted, suede is taking a all new perspective in my fall/winter wardrobe, this Alexander Wang Grey Suede shopper is so effortlessly chic and clean that I hope it will soon be part of it. ]

When prompted about his television habits, Andre Leon Talley, admitted :"I only watch MSNBC for the news. Keith, Rachel and Chris. And reruns of The Golden Girls. It’s my favorite show. They have a sense of being at home, always wearing different robes and nightgowns. For me it’s one of the greatest shows ever. Helmut Lang loves The Golden Girls too".

Andre Leon Talley, Helmut Lang and Alexander Wang love "The Golden Girls"... my friend Karin always told me that certain sweaters I own are so Golden-Girlesque ... All it is left to do is to wipe the dust off and start watching this inspirational tv-show.


The perfect blank...

“I think the way to think about The Row is that it offers the perfect blank [...]. So many designers are intent on the next great trend that some of the basics are neglected.” Jim Gold, the chief executive of Bergdorf Goodman. Taken from the article "Good Things do Come in Paris" from the New York Times.

Old and New Japan

I have not been posting anything for the past 2 days.. Since I have been occupied in getting ready to go back to Japan, I did not really have the time to think or reflect particularly on anything interesting enough to share.
To me getting ready for a trip equals going to the hairdresser to trim my haircut since I find it difficult to trust anybody else than my beloved hairdressers; and going to the spa to get professionally groomed in order to look presentable to the new people I am going to meet. It all sounds very superficial but this is for me an initiation before I take off to face new adventures. I like to look my best, or at least what I believe is my best, when I start a new chapter of my life! This chapter is definitely going to be different than what I experienced in the past because I am first of all, no longer in a relationship, I am going to be living with an host-family (instead of the usual dorm) and I am going to have to start looking for a job soon, because from December 18th I won't be a student anymore, but a mere un-employed adult.
I foresee the next three months as stale, challenging and exciting...hopefully enough to be unforgettable.


something to look forward to..

The new 8-level conceptual Opening Ceremony department store opening in Tokyo on August 30th in Shibuya district is definitely something to be excited about!!.. I won't make it to the "opening ceremony" but I am so looking forward to being in Tokyo again next month and check it out!!

"Opening Ceremony collaborates with designers to create designated brand shops within the store, identifying the aesthetic of the brand within the greater Opening Ceremony environment." Among the designers and vendors participating are Alexander Wang, Other Music, Nom de Guerre, Boy/Band of Outsiders, Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony, Pendleton, Heath Ceramics and The Row.


Stripy Velvet!

This morning at the groceries store I was lining up at the cashier when I noticed the lady in front of me holding in her hands a familiar object, a Roberta di Camerino three-color-striped-velvety wallet, a classic. My grandmother has always been a fan, in fact, thanks to her obsession, now I own few pieces myself which are always part of my traveling set.
Whenever I see Giuliana Coen Camerino's designs I think of my grandmother, her youth , the 40's and the stories she used to tell me when she was visiting us.


Miu Miu Mia!

Being inspired by this multi-functional Miu Miu open-back-fur trimmed vest!!

These socks are screaming DIY to me.. to you?


Effortless Erdem...

Effortless silhouettes meeting embroideried abstract prints equal Erdem Moralioglu's vision of Fall. Simply chic, isn't it?


I like it here!

I like it here

Sewing, relaxing at home with my parents, this is what I am up to in these days. In a week time I am returning to Japan. I have contrasting feelings about this. Although, I am really excited to be in Japan again because my dear friend Francesca is coming to visit me (spending time with her is always exciting and easily pleasant), and I am meeting up in Tokyo with my brother by the end of October for the launch of Apartamento issue 4. On the other hand, it is so easy to be here, at home, taking a break from the real life with its responsibilities and duties. Well, since I cannot run away forever, I am just going to follow my dad's motto "the easy way out is always through" and go back to living my real life.


The mysterious nature of Prada

Prada F/W 09 lookbook, with a dadaesque approach, conveys those feelings perceived when you are faced with an enigmatic phenomena, sometimes disturbing, dark, but at the same time fascinating; revealing, thus, a single, strong image of the mysterious force of nature. Compared with the grim and evocative realism of Steven Meisel Prada F/W 09 ad campaigns, in the lookbook nature becomes more artistic, decorative and less dramatic. Simply perfect.

Marras' Russia

Escaping to the Mother Russia through the romantic, folkloric notes of Antonio Marras for Kenzo F/W 09 looks like a sweet dream during these torrid hot days. The floral patterns, the platform boots, the peasant patchwork quilted into a high-necked coat-dress, the tiered dress in a gilded floral print, the laboriously embroidered cape, are simply lascivious.