Sipario, Novara

Recently I got passionate about earrings again. I have not wore a pair in 4 years or so, but now all of a sudden I rediscovered the enthusiasm I once had. After spending 10 months in Japan, now I am back home and my mom is helping me re-organizing my Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter closets before I take off again (31st August) to return to the land of the rising sun. While re-organizing I've found again accessories and clothes I once had and forgot about, in a way I feel like I have been shopping even though I have only been through my old things.

These are some of the clip-ons I bought some time ago from a store in Novara, Italy. The store is called Sipario. They do not sell vintage accessories but they have still a big amount of left overs from the 80s and 90s which they sell for few euros a piece due to the fact that Novaresi are not into old tacky accessories!! Sipario's owners love me very much because whenever I am around Novara I always stop by and purchase the earrings, necklaces, belts I have not purchase the time before!

P.S. soon I will upload few pieces from my belts' collection from Sipario.

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