The 90's flair...

Since few weeks ago, when I bought the August issue of Elle Italia, I cannot get this photoshoot out of my head. I love the styling and the perfect outlook on the 90's fads that Carola Bianchi and Elena Fogazzi managed to assemble. I was a little kid in the 90's so I do not recollect any thing of this fashion decade except by looking at photos, tv shows, etc.

I've always had a bad image of the fashion of these years because after decades of definite fashions, there is not a definite and distinguishable trend that can be associate with this era, but a series of different fashions that gave this period a kind of sloppy, more casual, less chic mood. By the end of the 21st century, it seems like dressing down in every aspect of life became an acceptable norm.

Since I adore dressing up, I guess the 90's represented an anthitesis to my sense of fashion, therefore I have never really paid much attention to it. However, these perfectly styled ensembles opened my eyes, and now I am able to see the flair of 90's , I can see its beauty, chicness and femininity.


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