Old and New Japan

I have not been posting anything for the past 2 days.. Since I have been occupied in getting ready to go back to Japan, I did not really have the time to think or reflect particularly on anything interesting enough to share.
To me getting ready for a trip equals going to the hairdresser to trim my haircut since I find it difficult to trust anybody else than my beloved hairdressers; and going to the spa to get professionally groomed in order to look presentable to the new people I am going to meet. It all sounds very superficial but this is for me an initiation before I take off to face new adventures. I like to look my best, or at least what I believe is my best, when I start a new chapter of my life! This chapter is definitely going to be different than what I experienced in the past because I am first of all, no longer in a relationship, I am going to be living with an host-family (instead of the usual dorm) and I am going to have to start looking for a job soon, because from December 18th I won't be a student anymore, but a mere un-employed adult.
I foresee the next three months as stale, challenging and exciting...hopefully enough to be unforgettable.

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Spardha Malik said...

I hope its an adventure worth writing about! stay inspired...