Animal instinct

Animal print is not always been my thing, actually I remember vividly how much I disliked it in the past because I thought it was tacky and vulgar. However now in the past few months I have found myself attracted to leopard print scarves, pants, cardies, blouses and coats.

I wonder how my taste is changing so much. I believe that it all goes back to Alber Elbaz's Lavin S/S 09 collection and his soft, romantic, blue outlook on animal printed dresses. I am amazed of the influence that the various magazines, blogs and website I consult daily have on me, on my taste and on my clothing style. I always wanted to be outside trends, to be unique, but the more I stared at myself in the mirror the more I see myself conforming to trends... how sad!! I am going to try to fight it and try to be more creative and inventive without the need to ape anybody.. let's see where it goes. For the moment I am lusting for leopard printed fabric.


Isabel Marant



thischicksgotstyle said...

The first picture looks so good!!

emily :) said...

I love animal print too atm! When I first heard someone talking about leopard print i was like NO NO i WILL NOT wear it! But i gave in and bought some leopard print jeans and i am now in love with them haha! You have a really nice blog!

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