Surrounded by feathers..

Recently I have been seeing dead birds everywhere and I started wondering why. However, as much as I am trying to figure it out I have not managed to find a particular significance to it... Since I was little I have been afraid of birds and in particular feathers, I cannot really explain why but they give me the creeps. On the other hand, by looking at these Burberry F/W 08 runway looks, I cannot believe how birds' plumage can be so elegant and attractive. Maybe I should be reading the dead birds as the death of my fear and the embrace of a new feathery phase.


Steph said...

I totally agree with conquering your fear, especially when feathers can look this awesome! ;)


K @ Blog Goggles said...

I'm not a huge feather fan, but these are absolutely gorgeous!

Italo said...

Mademoiselle, dead birds everywhere ahahahahah Actually it's true, now it's fashion (but in past too a little bit). Have a nice week. BTW, studi giapponese, il mio sogno! :D