Today, I have not done much. I have been unpacking few boxes of the thousands boxes I have left here in Japan when I went home in July. I am not sure why I kept so much stuff, why didn't I start sending it home?.. Wondering.

I have been hanging out at the dorm where I used to live before, it was nice seeing all the people I shared 10 months of my life with, plus I had the chance to meet the newcomers. I helped out with translating for those who are still new and adjusting to living in Japan, moreover I took some students around the tiny campus of Nanzan University.
The day has been really humid, contrarily to Tuesday, when I got here, and the surprising little breeze ruffling the curtains of my new room.

At night, on my way home while riding the subway I felt really calmed and relaxed . The same kind of emotions I tasted in Italy while driving around...oh I miss driving while listening to loud music. It's just so re-energizing.

By the way, Sandro and I while chatting came to a decision, that when we are both famous and rich we are going to take our private jets to meet up somewhere in the world to toast with champagne to our success.


volando entre cisnes said...

Your blog is really interesting!!I've just find it and if you don't mind I'll follow it!*

Sarah Alaoui said...

The subway relaxes me as well, it's actually one of the main sources of my creativity...looking at people from all walks of life.

I have a Joe who's like your Sandro. when we grow older and get famous/wealthy we're going to meet up in Brazil and wherever. I love guy best friends! : )