This entire past week, up to yesterday night I have been collaborating with Apartmento's Tasca... here in Tokyo at NOWIDea. It has been a super intense week.. cooking for 40 people daily is not as easy as I thought it would be.

We started everyday in the morning, serve the 2 sessions of lunch and clean the whole place so that all the utensils and tableware would be ready for the next day. A part from the daily hard-working routine the food we made has been well recepted. I loved the food very much as well.. It is now almost 7 years that I live outside Italy and I know for sure that one of the things I mostly miss about it, is the food. In other words, this week has been a nice break from the "Italian" food my host-family provides me every night for dinner. I am not sure when my next post is going to be because I won't have easy access to the Internet until Wednesday night, but I'll try to talk about all the things/people I encoutered last week in Tokyo.

Cold Pea Soup garnished with sun-dried tomatoes and freshly grounded pepper.

(Photos taken from DOSSIER)

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