The bright side of life...

Since I have been back to Italy for my summer holidays I created a morning routine. I wake up, splash my face with cold water and have a light breakfast, while my parents get ready to go to work. After my biscuits and homemade strawberry jam accompanied by milk tea, I brush my teeth and check my email (mostly junk mail). Consequently, I dedicate my time to my blog daily reading activity. This morning, while I was going through few blogs I encoutered Oh so Coco's post on Tim Walker as well as Disneyrollergirl's post on Tim Walker's In Fashion SHOWstudio interview.

I have always loved his photographs, so magical, so dramatic and evocative. It reminds me of when I was still living in England and my University student life. Colorful tights, flats, floral vintage full skirts and cotton pearl buttoned cardies. Books, photocopies and highlighters always in the bag.

When I think of Tim Walker I immediately recollect his ad campaigns for Kate Spade. So vibrant, so dreamy, books and clothes surrounded by a mist of romanticism. A hue of the past set in a glamorous present.

There is a certain positiveness to it that makes me smile.

When I look at them, my brain start fantasizing about California, warm and sunny places, 60s movie stars, the American Dream, or at least what it stood for.

These photos make you look at the bright side of life, how easy it can be and how difficult we make it to be.