Giacomina, Roasted Chicken and the 80's.

Yesterday it was the first time in a long time that I spent the entire afternoon with my grandmom's friend Giacomina. I remember spending time with her when I was in high school, I remember when I first wanted to dress differently than my classmates, when I wanted to stand out. Giacomina is the one who supported me, besides my parents, she taught me how to sew and she got me passionate about it. She is such an inspiration!

Today I had lunch at my grandmom's to make her happy, I am always abroad and she never has the chance to spend time with me. She drives me crazy sometimes but that's who she is it's part of who she is and that's what everybody likes about her! For lunch, we had roasted chicken and new potatoes. Nothing fancy but quite flavouful. Roasted chicken here in Italy is not the same as Super Chicken in Falls Church, VA. I wonder if I ever going to find a chicken as juicy and well-seasoned as Super Chicken...

Talking about chickens, today for the first time I cut the ribcage of the chicken myself.. When bones have been roasted, they become so fragile, I felt so big and strong compared to the little roasted bird in front of me..by the way I am terrified by birds and feathers so it was weird realizing how small and harmless they actually are when cooked.

I am looking forward to tomorrow, I am going to Milan with Mamma Lella and hopefully I'll be able to check few photography exhibitions out, plus some healthy sale shopping. Even though I prefer 60's Jean Seberg style above all, I am kind of intrigued by this new 80's revival wave spreading through the stores.

In June while I was an intern for Harper's Bazaar Japan, one of the editor asked me to try this Bluemarine dress on so that the editor-in-chief could see what dress they were using for the shooting, at first I was like "wow this dress is loud!" but then when I had the all outfit on (even though it did not quite fit because a size 0) I felt like I reached a point where I need to explore and experiment more with different shapes, cuts and lengths.

When I was in high-school I definitely loved experimenting with my style, but now I reached a point where I feel like I am stuck following trends that I always try to repulse.. I adore reading fashion magazine but I feel like they corrupted my mind into liking what they show instead of trying new things out myself so that I can put together something fresh and unique.

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