Surfing on several blogs I came across Clare Vivier Totes... simply perfection! There is a sort of Mulberry-ness that combined with il Bisonte-ness gave birth to this minimal chic bags.

"CLAREVIVIER is a collection of bags, which embody timeless style over trend, quality over. hype, and progression over abstraction. Clare was a journalist working for French television when she was traveling a lot with her laptop and for lack of anything cute in the marketplace, fabricated her own padded envelope. Out of that search for bags with chic utility came CLAREVIVIER. The line is based in LA, and everything Clare doesn't manufacture herself, is produced entirely Burbank and proudly wears the moniker "locally made." CLAREVIVIER is a socially conscious company, mindful of the local manufacturing community for the jobs it produces and the low carbon footprint the company inhabits. All CLAREVIVIER bags carry Clare signature style of classic necessity with a nod to timeless French designers. Clare also works as in-house bag and packaging designer for local luxury companies such as the Viceroy hotels and Mannin jewelry."

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Lourdes said...

I love that bag!!!!!!!