The pleasure of a genuine laugh.

Today has been a pleasant day. Nothing much really happened but Alex took me to the Cinema Club's room on campus where we met some interesting Japanese people, who differently from the rest of the Japanese people we usually hang out with, were talking to us not because wanting to practice their English but because honestly interested in us. After the tea ceremony class, I met up with Alex again and we went to Cafe BuBu (1950's Americana decorations and Neon lights covering all the walls.), by far the best cafe/restaurant in the area around Nanzan University Nagoya campus. I felt like I am finally building up a genuine new friendship. Not expectation, not need to pretend to be somebody different than who I am... I laughed with him.. The pleasure of laughing with somebody else is something that I am slowly re-discovering.
On the way to bed now, I am listening to Julian Casablancas' new solo single, 11th dimension, recalling The Strokes "Is This It" style...

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